Sales and Service Center

GLM is a fully certified and authorized distributor and repair center for GE's TDI starters.

Starters Available For

Reciprocating Engines

  • Caterpillar® – nearly all models
  • Waukesha® – nearly all models
  • Cooper® – all models
  • White® – all models

Gas Turbines

  • Siemens®/Allison® 501
  • Dresser Clark® and Dresser Rand® models
  • GE – LM500, LM2500/+ and, LM6000
  • Kawasaki PWPS – FT4/GG4, FT8/GG8
  • Siemens®/RR – Avon, and Spey
  • Solar® – Saturn, Centaur, and Taurus

Product Benefits

  • Air-driven or hydraulic models available
  • Unlike competitors, no plastic impellers or other plastic components
  • Minimal, and in some cases, no lubrication required
  • Most reliable clutching system in the industry
  • Specified by every major OEM in the industry

Starter cut-away drawing

Model 56A Starter for Rolls Royce®, Pratt & Whitney®, Alison® turbines

Model 56A Starter for GE LM1600 & LM2500 gas turbines