Full Overhaul and Repair Capability For:

  • Siemens® – TA1750, TA2500, TB4000, TB5000, TB5400, and Tornado
  • Solar® gas turbines – Saturn and Centaur
  • Successful repair of many other manufacturers

Over 500 Turbines Overhauled To Date

  • Warranty equivalent to OEM standard
  • Extended warranty available upon request
  • Demonstrated experience serving most major oil and gas companies
    – BP
    – Conoco Phillips
    – Hilcorp
    – Alyeska
    – Exxon Mobil
    – ENI
  • Exchange engines available
  • Not reliant on OEM component lead times
  • Power turbine and gearbox overhaul and exchange available

Ruston® TB5000 Quad Assembly

Ruston® TB5000 Gas Generator

Turbine Nozzle