GLM offers a full spectrum of trouble-shooting and maintenance services for all Ruston® turbine models.

  • Field service and troubleshooting
  • Components manufactured and/or procured
  • Equipment exchanged if required
  • Field installation services
  • Full skid assemblies – turn-key solutions
  • Balancing
  • Compressor and turbine re-blading
  • Journal restorations
  • Nozzle repair and coatings
  • Electrical run-out calibration and restoration
  • Full gas generator and PT rebuilds
  • Full documentation for work we have performed

Ruston® TB5000

PT Exhaust Collector

TB5 CT2 Stator Assembly

Tornado® Rotor Assembly

PT Stator TB5

Ruston® TA1750
Rotor / Stator Assembly

Tornado® Gas Generator

TB5 CT1 Stator Assembly