GLM has been servicing pumps of many styles, models, sizes, and materials for over 35 years.

High-pressure and multi-stage injection pumps, vertical turbine, single stage, screw, diaphragm, etc:

  • Parts manufacture and hard facing
  • Impeller manufacture and restoration
  • Shaft manufacture
  • Case repair — split line and bore
  • Bearing restoration, fabrication, and supply
  • Mechanical seal repair, manufacture, assembly, and testing
  • Balancing
  • Assembly and installation

Balance Pump Rotor

Single Stage Oil Shipping Pump Restoration

Vertical Turbine Pump Charge Pumps

Manufacture of Duplex Pump Shaft

Manufactured Pump Impeller

Hard-Faced Pump Parts

Split Line Machining of Multi-Staged Water Injection Pump

Vertical Turbine Pump Special Adaptor