Baker Hughes High Performance Gearing Solutions

Baker Hughes gearboxes transmit power from engines, motors, turbines, and compressors in mechanical drive, turbo, Industrial, and marine propulsion applications around the world. Baker Hughes products are known worldwide for dependability and for performance that boosts uptime and improves reliability while driving down maintenance costs.

Baker Hughes draws on advanced technologies, materials and manufacturing processes as well as engineering expertise to meet any power transmission challenge. Baker Hughes gearboxes includes parallel shaft, right-angle, epicyclic, and integrally geared configurations.

At GLM Energy Services we are committed to providing high-quality equipment with competitive costs and delivery times. With 24/7 support, our repair personnel are ready to deliver unmatched service — whenever and wherever it's needed. In addition to servicing Lufkin, Allen and Baker Hughes industrial gear products, we continue providing the same high level of service we always have for products from over 30 other manufacturers.

Lufkin Gears & Allen Gears High-speed Parallel-shaft Gearboxes

Lufkin Gears & Allen Gears High-speed Epicyclic Gearboxes